DSEI: very, very worthwhile

11 September 2019

The Abaco Team has had a significant presence at DSEI this year.  Our GVC1001 and associated demo of the AXIS software capability continues to be a big draw and huge attraction.   Through the first two days of the conference, we have met with over 15 different customers, prime contractors, and UK MOD representatives. 

Among these was the European arm of one of the industry’s biggest prime contractors, with whom we discussed advanced rugged embedded hardware requirements.  They want us to focus on algorithms, analytics and AI while pushing hardware requirements to trusted suppliers they have key relationships with.  Abaco will be one of those key, trusted suppliers.  Programs where Abaco can support include special air and land missions for EW, SIGINT, and Mission Compute.  This particular customer is a priority for receiving the first units of our new SBC3511 single board computer for evaluation in their global development environment and labs.

Lethality and survivability

We also spent over 90 minutes with the UK MOD Defence Electronics & Components Agency (DECA).  DECA has a driving focus on improving warfighter lethality and survivability through smart technology upgrades to existing weapons systems, acting as the champion and bridge between UK MOD, the prime OEMs and the supplier base.  We look forward to hosting DECA representatives in our Towcester facility in the near future.

We spent a significant amount of time meeting with another major prime contractor, discussing the strategic way forward on key emerging programs -  programs that are the core to national efforts for military modernization and re-capitalization efforts for the next 30 years.  Those are programs we are working very hard to become a part of.

 Also spending time on our DSEI stand were numerous other companies from across Europe and around the world, all of whom expressed interest in our GVC1001, SBC3511 and VP430 capabilities. 

Mark Hutnan

Mark joined Abaco as Vice President, Business Development in November 2017. Previously, he was Vice President and General Manager, US Federal Operations at Qualys, following five years with General Dynamics Mission Systems as Senior Manager, Business Development, Cyber Systems Division. Mark was a member of the US Marine Corps for 24 years following his graduation from North Carolina State University with a BS degree in Civil Engineering.